Designing a kitchen

Designing a kitchen is something of an ever-evolving learning process. Getting it right from the start is pretty important in any kind of renovation, so whether you’re in the process of renovating your own kitchen or helping a loved one do so – here are some tips you should know from the outset of the journey

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Take measurements Seriously!

It’s sounds obvious enough but far too many people forget to measure their kitchens and take door / drawer sizes and width and height of appliance into account at the planning stages of their makeovers.

Why? Awkward installation and lazy mistakes which are entirely avoidable so make sure you’ve got accurate dimensions so you can plan your design around the right space you have to work with; eliminating unnecessary stress and headache from the design process later on in the process. For the installation of your plumbing fixtures, call the plumbers at Ethical Plumbing or other similar services such as the Home Choice Plumbing – plumbing installation in Jupiter, FL.


The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ stands true when it comes to the kitchen renovations so don’t cut corners with the materials used for your designs (even if they are the cheaper products from a hardware store which seem to be appealing on price alone as opposed to premium name brands and more expensive materials from there can be a little extra money upfront you can save them yourself a lot of money in the long run as well as gaining the benefit of professional expertise and warranties on the work you will be carrying out if you use a professional company.


Once you’ve finished taking those initial measurements of your kitchen and decided on a budget then it’s time to start designing your new place from scratch based on what your budget will allow you access to and what it practically supports with a practical layout in mind in advance so that you can fit everything you need to into the tiniest available centimeter of space efficiently possible and create storage where you need it rather than having it sit around taking up room in the ether which is easily done without proper planning and consideration from the very start to be efficient you need to create some flow and functional movement in your floorplan as well so your design process needs to take into consideration this along with spacing needed for appliances and ensure adequate planning is done when designing the space to ensure your new finishes effectively reflect the visual aesthetic you want to achieve along with the help of your designer who should also be providing specialist industry knowledge and advice along the way as they’ve been working on similar projects for many years. If you are starting this process, we suggest checking the Granite Transformations’ marble countertops Chico, CA options that can give a great look to your kitchen.

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