HELLO! Come Step inside my new petite guest bath remodel.

The goal was to create a simple yet modern fresh aesthetic, that brightens and lightens up the space and complements the sunny lifestyle of Palm Springs. I wanted a cohesive thread using the same gray + white colour story and brass + walnut wood materials that I am using throughout the house. Also to create an overall look that would suit almost any guest’s taste and style. It really needed to have a refined classicality that would last over time.
It is a quite small space so, I had to be really savvy and ensure simplicity. I had to restrain my urge to put unconventional textured tile throughout. I had to put my logical hat on and looked to the future so it could keep its bright spark alive for longevity.

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Here is a comparison shot for you to ponder! Spot the changes.

It was a bit of a material + colour contradiction mixing black tiles from the 50’s and a Coral | Mauve wall colour from the 80’s and a natural coloured textured stone countertop. There were also so lovely hand rendered butterflies (assuming the it was an ode to the butterfly shaped roofline of the house) on the side wall. I loved the tribute to the butterfly and felt horrible painting over the hand painting that was so carefully crafted, but it just didn’t pair with the envisioned look. The rounded corner in the countertop was quite clever but truly disturbed my addition to balance and symmetry. Silver and brass metal hardware details mingled, but not it the right way. Dont get me wrong… I do love a good metal material mix when it is done in the right way. So pretty much everything in this bathroom was demo’d. I did save the original mid century mirror cabinet to donate or resell



Carrera Bianco Marble was the hero material I wanted in this bath because…

It was one of the key materials I wanted throughout the house as it carried the designated colours gray + white.

It is a classic lux material that has respected longevity

It has lovely unique flowing patterns running through each piece that add a soft beautiful texture.

It is fresh and bright

Note: I had a few layers of clear finish coats added to the marble to keep it’s resilience and resist its natural saturation tendency..

So I lined the entire Shower with the carrera marble, and continued it on the wall that you see upon entering from floor to ceiling. I used  3”H x 12”W long rectangle tiles positioned horizontally to give it a modern linear look. We opened and repaired the semi-blocked skylight for sunlight to stream in and painted the opposing walls + ceiling white to brighten the look and the mood. I brought in a vertical contemporary gray framed clean edge mirror to draw the eye upwards and help make the room appear taller.



The sleek mirror was flanked with long double bulb brass sconces handcrafted from Cedar & Moss on each side for symmetry and balanced lighting. I placed half brass light bulbs in each to create a warm glow to the cool palette. They are on dimmers of course! Now my guests can actually see how fabulous they look before heading out to the pool.



I truly wanted a vintage mid century piece to use as the bath cabinet, however I could not find one to fit into the space and appropriately accept the plumbing for the sink. Therefore, I found a great local company that built this lovely custom cabinet that was designed in a mid century modern style with x bar tapered angled legs, using walnut wood. We used a piece of the large clean white quartz slab from the kitchen to create the bath countertop. We designed an inset base to make the top look as if it were floating. Then sourced a small but reasonable sized clean lined rectangle counter top sink to finish off.

The brass finish faucet is from Delta as is the shower head, shower valve and toilet handle… YES, the dual flush toilet had to match the rest of the family!

The lovely round brass cabinet pulls are from Schoolhouse Electric. The are simple design with nice substantial depth and weight. I really dig these! Some round curvature was needed to soften all the linear details and elements.

I brought in the  little fluffy faux fur Stools to add  a bit of glamour and some sumptuous soft texture.



A little insight to the shower…

I had the tile and the glass partition lined with brass edging to compliment the brass details. I had a little cubby hole extruded and lined with the tile and finished the edges with brass details, to hold the shower products. I filled the glass amber bottles with my favourite Aesop products, it is important to spoil your guests! : )  Another little cheeky hint: Position the shower valve near the entrance of the shower, rather than inside under the shower head, so you can control the water temp without getting drenched before you enter the shower. You can hire the professionals at Graham and Sons plumbing to do this for you. You could also visit similar plumbing places like if you need further assistance. In addition, if you are looking into installing new well pumps, you might want to contact an expert in well pump installation in Woodinville, WA.

I chose gray turkish towels that complemented the colour story and they still look fresh after a multiple thorough washings. White towels can become a little challenging with the guest use of sun products.

Ready for more? Do come back for the rest of the interior space reveal!




Interior Design by Michelle Boudreau Design

Photography by Jasmine Park


Sherwin-Williams Paint : Pure White | Brass Door Knobs. Emtek  | Brass Sconce Lighting: Cedar & Moss Vista 2  | Tile: Carerra Bianco Marble Discount Tile Center | Sink Faucet: Delta Trinsic Collection | Shower Head + Shower Valve: Delta Trinsic Collection  | Towel Bar + Toilet Roll Holder: Delta Trinsic Collection

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